2023 Writing Competition Results – Y3-4

2023 Writing Competition Results – Years 3-4

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 140 entries, in the section Year 3-4, from Great Lakes and Manning schools.

Following are the results for Great Lakes entries that achieved a Commended award or higher. This is followed by entries that achieved a Merit award. Stories rated as Merit or higher will be published in one of three 2023 Tell Me a Story competition books.

School Year at school Student’s Name Award  Type
Bungwahl Public 4 Gypsy Schaad Commended
Coolongolook Public 4 Charlette Samuel Commended
Forster Public 3 Harper Coulton Highly Commended
Forster Public 3 Layla Barber Commended
Hallidays Point Public 4 Nikki Boutagy Highly Commended
Hallidays Point Public 4 Emily Fabian Commended
Hallidays Point Public 4 Lucy Carpenter Commended
Hallidays Point Public 3 Ruby Szagmeister Commended
Holy Name Primary 4 Alessandra Devescovi Commended
Holy Name Primary 4 Haya Hamdy Commended
Holy Name Primary 4 Jorja Zabell Commended
Nabiac Public 4 Chloe Brady Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 3 Felicity Twaddell Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 3 Halen Coulton Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 4 Axel Wilson-Guthrie Commended
Nabiac Public 4 Hannah Plevey Commended
Nabiac Public 3 Izaac Buttel Commended
Nabiac Public 4 Noah Spychala Commended
Tuncurry Public 4 Cole Finlayson Commended
MERIT awards
School Year at school Student’s Name
Bungwahl Public 4 Grace Toney
Bungwahl Public 3 Josephine Hooper
Bungwahl Public 4 Marlar Riske
Bungwahl Public 3 Xavier Brougham-Delaney
Coolongolook Public 4 Brock Griffis
Coolongolook Public 4 Natalie Roberts
Coolongolook Public 3 Ryder Walmsley
Forster Public 3 Addison Hinshelwood
Forster Public 4 Georgia Ballard
Hallidays Point Public 4 Eloise Clair
Hallidays Point Public 3 Juliet Wood
Hallidays Point Public 4 Sophia Buckley
Holy Name Primary 4 Alexis Carrigan
Holy Name Primary 4 Aubrie Jimenez
Holy Name Primary 4 Bryce Quillan
Holy Name Primary 4 Dakota Bowen
Holy Name Primary 4 Eli Lea
Holy Name Primary 4 Grace Negulic
Holy Name Primary 4 Harrison Makenzie Mills
Holy Name Primary 4 Harrison Naughton
Holy Name Primary 4 Isabella Sleiman
Holy Name Primary 4 Levi Miller
Holy Name Primary 4 Mackenzie Quilter
Holy Name Primary 4 Maddie Keegan
Holy Name Primary 4 Makayla Bowie
Holy Name Primary 4 Nanma Joy
Holy Name Primary 4 Rashmika Singh
Holy Name Primary 4 Sasha Dempsey
Holy Name Primary 4 Scarlett Garard
Holy Name Primary 4 Summer-Rose Dalton
Holy Name Primary 4 Tarnaya Coleman
Holy Name Primary 4 Zarah Clark
Nabiac Public 4 Alex Allman
Nabiac Public 4 Alexis Holden
Nabiac Public 4 Amelia Clements
Nabiac Public 3 Cassidy Stockdale
Nabiac Public 3 Elliette O’Connell
Nabiac Public 4 Emma Twemlow
Nabiac Public 3 Evie Hill
Nabiac Public 4 Grace Howson
Nabiac Public 4 Hunter Hinsby
Nabiac Public 4 Indiana Witt
Nabiac Public 4 Indie Barker
Nabiac Public 4 Jazmyn Gilbert
Nabiac Public 4 Khloe Wade
Nabiac Public 3 Lawson Farlow
Nabiac Public 3 Mason Cooke
Nabiac Public 4 Sienna Bridge
Nabiac Public 3 Tahlee Avery
Nabiac Public 4 Vann Maharey
Nabiac Public 3 Willow Durran
Tuncurry Public 4 Lhamo Dhoundub