2023 Writing Competition Results – Y5-6

2023 Writing Competition Results – Years 5-6

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 124 entries, in the section Years 5-6, from Great Lakes and Manning region schools.

Following are the results for Manning region entries.

Entries scoring a Merit award or higher, will be published in the 2023 Tell Me a Story competition book, Manning Valley edition.

School Year at school Student’s Name Award
Bobin 6 Arryn Roze  Highly Commended
Bobin 5 Charlize Humphrey Merit
Krambach 6 Bethany Keegan Commended
Krambach 5 Cooper Soper Commended
Krambach 6 Nicholas Heckenberg Commended
Krambach 5 Oskar Berry Commended
Krambach 5 Peter Campbell Commended
Krambach 6 Jade Paff Merit
Krambach 6 Jonas Durbin Merit
Krambach 6 Morgan Cooper Merit
Krambach 5 Seraphim Wilton Merit
MidCoast Christian 6 Ava Kalogeropoulos  Highly Commended
MidCoast Christian 6 Insaf Mohamed Merit
MidCoast Christian 6 Lilah McAnally Merit
MidCoast Christian 6 Nate Bell Merit
MidCoast Christian 6 Oliver Storrie Merit
MidCoast Christian 6 Armani Rose Cassar Participation
Old Bar 6 Maya Eldred  Excellence
Old Bar 6 Mia Murphy  Excellence
Old Bar 5 Isobella May Byrne Commended
Old Bar 6 Paige Ripley Commended
Old Bar 6 Zane Brown Commended
Old Bar 5 Sabene Perkins Merit
St Jo’s Taree 6 Samuel Mitchell  Excellence
St Jo’s Taree 6 Marli Wisemantle Davis Commended
St Jo’s Taree 6 Taiman Wallis Commended
St Jo’s Taree 6 Kloe Catalan Merit
St Jo’s Taree 6 Rubi Moore Participation
Taree West 5 Maddyson Cause  Excellence
Taree West 5 Sophia Stevenson  Excellence
Taree West 5 Holly Ivers  Highly Commended
Taree West 6 Katelin Templeton  Highly Commended
Taree West 6 Kiera Wooward  Highly Commended
Taree West 6 Kristal Kelly  Highly Commended
Taree West 6 Thomas Jobson  Highly Commended
Taree West 6 Brittney Nowlan Commended
Taree West 6 Justice Martin Commended
Taree West 5 Remy Martin Commended
Taree West 5 Tyler Irwin Commended
Taree West 5 Ayat Hammad Merit
Taree West 6 Chase Gow Merit
Taree West 5 Chloe Stace Merit
Taree West 6 Indii George Merit
Taree West 6 Lilliana Lockey Merit
Taree West 6 Rhianna Sant Merit
Taree West 5 Boyce Bissett Participation
Taree West 5 Kalyshi Grant Participation
Tinonee PS 6 William  Highly Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Damon Cook Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Emma Howard Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Indy Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Michael Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Ned Corben Koppel Commended
Tinonee PS 6 Riley Atkins Commended
Tinonee PS 6 ?? Merit
Tinonee PS 6 Nathan Merit
Tinonee PS 6 Silas Merit