2023 Writing Competition Results – Y5-6

2023 Writing Competition Results – Years 5-6

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 124 entries, in the section Years 5-6, from Great Lakes and Manning schools.

Following are the results for Great Lakes entries that achieved a Commended award or higher. This is followed by entries that achieved a Merit award. Stories rated as Merit or higher will be published in one of three 2023 Tell Me a Story competition books.

School Year Student Award
Bungwahl Public 5 Evelia Hooper Commended
Bungwahl Public 5 Fletcher Toney Commended
Bungwahl Public 5 Jonie Godbolt Commended
Coolongolook Public 6 Ayva Elms  Highly Commended
Forster Public 5 Ruby Radburn  Excellence
Forster Public 6 Zeva Watson  Excellence
Forster Public 5 Macy Crompton  Highly Commended
Forster Public 5 Destiny Calder Commended
Forster Public 5 Freya Belic Commended
Forster Public 5 Jayse Kulk Commended
Forster Public 5 Kiela-May Fathers O’Regan Commended
Hallidays Point Public 6 Amellia Webster Commended
Hallidays Point Public 5 Arielle Clair Commended
Hallidays Point Public 6 Chloe Powell Commended
Hallidays Point Public 6 Noah Harris Commended
Hallidays Point Public 6 Pippa Nelson-Hauer Commended
Nabiac Public 5 Claire Wilby  Excellence
Nabiac Public 5 Joey Hill  Excellence
Nabiac Public 6 Avee Letherbarrow  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 5 Ellie Howard  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 6 Hayden Scott  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 6 Heath Murray  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 6 Madison Yarnold  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 5 Tiggy Eckersley  Highly Commended
Nabiac Public 6 Eligh Witt Commended
Nabiac Public 6 Isaac Schneider Commended
Nabiac Public 5 Levi Madrid Commended
Tuncurry Public 6 Declan Grieve  Highly Commended
Tuncurry Public 6 Kailee Haines  Highly Commended
Tuncurry Public 6 Bella Dawn Commended
Tuncurry Public 6 Lewis Grieve Commended
MERIT Awards
School Year Student
Bungwahl Public 5 Cruz Pearson
Forster Public 5 Levi Clarke
Hallidays Point Public 5 Abby Yelavic
Hallidays Point Public 6 Makayla Keirouz
Hallidays Point Public 5 Eva Chapman
Hallidays Point Public 5 Hayden Richards
Nabiac Public 5 Brax Hennessy
Nabiac Public 5 Evie Scott
Nabiac Public 5 Kasey Denison
Nabiac Public 5 Harrison Hinsby
Nabiac Public 6 Ady Light
Nabiac Public 6 Kody Walker
Nabiac Public 5 Amber Gilbert
Nabiac Public 5 Jimmy Combe
Nabiac Public 5 Kiara Infante
Nabiac Public 6 Allira De Sousa
Nabiac Public 6 Hayden Farlow
Nabiac Public 5 Tye Phegan
Nabiac Public 5 Asher Bending
Nabiac Public 6 Grace Earnshaw
Nabiac Public 5 Liam Gilroy
Pacific Palms Public 5 Sophia Ruby Taylor
Pacific Palms Public 5 Grace Rodger
Tuncurry Public 6 Ruby Riddell