Writing and Illustration competitions

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Competitions for
Year 3 to Year 6 students

2021 Writing competition

Students may write their short story on any idea that appeals to them.

Number of words:  

Section 1 –  Years  3-4    max 500 words
Section 2 –  Years  5-6    max 750 words
Entries should be emailed to: tmas@tellmeastory.org.au and received by Thursday, 25th March.


All participating students receive judges’ feedback and a certificate. In addition, short-listed entries receive:
Section 1 –  Years 3-4   special trophies;
Section 2 –  Years 5-6   special trophies and four $50 prizes

For Conditions of Entry and the Schedule, please check: Writing Competition – Tell Me a Story

2021 Illustration competition

Illustration competition follows the writing competition.

Any student interested in entering this competition will be asked to illustrate one of the short-listed stories from the writing competition.
The illustration competition will run from Monday 17th May.

Winners from both competitions will be announced at the awards ceremony in July.


                 The Forster Tuncurry – 14th Edition 17/02/2021 – The Forster Tuncurry  


An article

A number of photos and an article, covering the Tell Me a Story awards ceremony were published in The Forster Tuncurry 4th edition 30th September 2020. Pages 1, 2, 15. https://theforstertuncurry.com.au/the-forster-tuncurry-4th-edition-2020/#fb0=1

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