About Us

Tell Me a Story Association Inc. is a team of writers, teachers and artists, who believe in the power and importance of writing.

No matter what career students choose, good writing skills will help them to achieve their dreams.

We organise competitions for school-aged children so they can discover their talents and find adventure, and joy in writing and illustrating. Personal guidance is provided to students in a form of a feedback to their entries, so they can refine their skills. Trophies and publication of top entries, in our yearly anthology, make this competition exciting and appealing to students.

By introducing story illustration to young people, we give artistically inclined students the opportunity to participate in this competition, and to enhance a written story with an appealing graphical presentation.

This competition provides an opportunity for writers and illustrators to explore topics and techniques of their choice and experience the joy of creating and achievement.

We believe that participation in this competition will enhance students’ communication skills and increase their confidence.

Tell Me a Story competition is designed to be a community event. We encourage local businesses and organisations to support our local school children by becoming sponsors.

Competition is fun. So, let the writing roll and the drawing and painting begin! 

See you at the competition!