2021 Awards Event photos

Tyler and Jada Hutton Bobin PS
Georgia Sparks Hoy Name PS
Sophie Damico-Masters Tuncurry PS
Tanzin Dillon Forster PS
Ruby East Forster PS and Alex Grieve Tuncurry PS
Teacher Gary Pomplun and Izzy Moore Holy Name PS
Marla Coulton Donnelly Holy Name PS
Awarded Holy Name students
Baran Zanjani Holy Name PS
Kristal Kelly Taree West PS
Teacher Mary Wood with Lilah Dewar Hallidays Point PS
Sienna Bell and Summer Watson Hallidays Point PS
Max Arandale Nabiac PS
Madi Yarnold Nabiac PS
Bungwahl students with principal Dianne Farley-Pelley and judge Lorraine Rogers
Katelyn Maguire with her best friend Emily Tuncurry PS
Liam Hill​ Krambach PS
Macy Crompton Forster PS
Allira Hemopo Forster PS
Coby Mason Tuncurry PS
Isabella White Taree West PS
Oska Reid Krambach PS
Prizes Books Trophies Certificates
Competition judges