2021 Writing Competition Winners _ Years 5-6

Congratulations to all students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 141 entries, in the section Year 5-6 .


Excellence- 13;     H/Commended- 15;       Commended- 23;      Merit- 70;     Participation- 20

All entrants receive Certificates and Feedbacks from Judges.

Students achieving “Commended” ranking or higher,  receive Trophies.

Students achieving “Excellence” ranking  receive $50 prize money.

Award School Year at school Student’s Name Story Title
Commended Bobin PS 5 Jada Hatton The Horrible Toothache
Commended Bobin PS 5 Quillan Joyier The Magician’s Palace
Excellence Bobin PS 6 Tyler Hatton The Boxing Day Tsunami
Commended Bungwahl PS 6 Frankie Leahy Trouble
Excellence Bungwahl PS 5 Yindi Copland The Depths
Commended Cundletown PS 5 Clara Wood McGuire and Elyse Chapman The Death Song
Commended Cundletown PS 6 Lucas Beckley The Battle For Reality
Commended Cundletown PS 6 Mischa Beattie Louie the Lorikeet
Excellence Cundletown PS 6 Mikayla Williams The Psychopath
Excellence Cundletown PS 5 Molly Plummer The Sister Showdown
H/C Cundletown PS 6 Aidan Armitage The Hour Glass
H/C Cundletown PS 6 Gemma Paulin A Stich in Time
Commended Forster PS 5 Charlotte Andrews The Flood
Commended Foster PS 5 Ruby East The Adventure in the Deep Blue Sea!
Commended Hallidays Point PS 6 Brayden Keirouz The Zombie Apocalypse
Commended Hallidays Point PS 5 Eva Sutton Born to Dance
Commended Hallidays Point PS 5 Lou Klaphake Taken
Commended Hallidays Point PS 6 Mali Shotton Sunset
Commended Hallidays Point PS 6 Sienna Bell The Willow Pixie
Excellence Hallidays Point PS 6 Summer Watson The Day She Died
H/C Hallidays Point PS 6 Ashleigh Pegrum A Day in the Life of Fluffy G
H/C Hallidays Point PS 6 Ella Pegrum Bushfire Friends
H/C Hallidays Point PS 6 Jack Vaughan. Noises In The Basement
Commended Holy Name 5 Aston Hodges Water Worries
Commended Holy Name 5 Jasmine Mahoney The Muddy Pig
Commended Holy Name 5 Lucy Lost In the Forest
Commended Holy Name 6 Mia Hamilton Percy Can’t Fly
Excellence Holy Name 6 Baran Zanjani The Accident
Excellence Holy Name 6 Byron Donegan Stranger
Excellence Holy Name 5 Charlie Gibson Overseas
Excellence Holy Name 6 Marla Coulton-Donnelly The Plastic Bag
Excellence Holy Name 5 Sofia Gonzalez Elam
Excellence Holy Name 6 Stevie Anderson Alone I am
H/C Holy Name 5 Bonnie Dempsey The Crash
H/C Holy Name 6 Georgia Sparks Yr.6 Grandparents Day
H/C Holy Name 6 Sophie Scislo Lost
Commended Krambach PS 5 Elki Gray My 2020 Life
H/C Krambach PS 6 Levi Gray The Crazy Motorbike Ride
H/C Krambach PS 5 Oska Reid Master Chef
H/C Nabiac PS 6 Billy Coombe Falling Upwards
H/C Nabiac PS 5 Fletcher Wilby The Great Flood
H/C Nabiac PS 6 Kit Harper Beached
H/C Nabiac PS 5 Max Arandale Campfire
H/C Nabiac PS 5 Wil McDermott Town of Rubble
Excellence Taree Christian College 6 Shiloh Herzberg-Nicholls Flower
Commended Taree West PS 5 Ella Abbott Journey Up
Commended Taree West PS 6 Nicholas Kennewell The Oceans Touch
H/C Taree West PS 5 Bria Reece The Portal
Commended Tuncurry PS 5 Lilja Tycehurst The Stranger Side of London
Excellence Tuncurry PS 6 Katelyn Maguire My Best Friend
Commended Wingham Brush PS 5 Maia Oates Princess Jessica