2022 Illustration competition results Years 5-6

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story Illustration  competition!

This year, we received 67 entries, in the section Years 5-6


All entrants receive Certificates.

Students achieving “Commended” ranking or higher,  receive Trophies.

School Year  Student  Award
Bungwahl PS 6 Yindi Copland  Excellence
Bungwahl PS 6 Amarlie Brougham-Delaney Merit
Nabiac PS 5 Claire Pemberton  Excellence
Nabiac PS 6 Max Arandale  Excellence
Nabiac PS 5 Ady Light  H/Commended
Nabiac PS 5 Allira De Sousa Commended
Nabiac PS 5 Aylah DeTracy Commended
Nabiac PS 6 Elena Usher Commended
Nabiac PS 5 Matilda Butte Commended
Nabiac PS 5 Olivia De Lardes Commended
Nabiac PS 6 Paige Williams Commended
Nabiac PS 5 Delilah Duggan Taggart Merit
Nabiac PS 6 Edward Vos-Sternhell Merit
Nabiac PS 5 Eligh Witt Merit
Tuncurry PS 6 Jade Smith  Excellence
Tuncurry PS 6 Alex Grieve  H/Commended
Tuncurry PS 5 Bella Dawn Merit
Tuncurry PS 6 Katie Hardie Matthews Merit
School Year  Student  Award
Bobin PS 6 Jack Sowter  H/Commended
Bobin PS 6 Quillan Joyier  H/Commended
Hallidays Point PS 6 Jahzara Newman  Excellence
Hallidays Point PS 5 Lilah Dewar  H/Commended
Hallidays Point PS 6 Stella Thurlow  H/Commended
Hallidays Point PS 5 Amelia Widdowson Commended
Hallidays Point PS 5 Oliver Gersbach Commended
Hallidays Point PS 5 Jack Shotton Merit
Hallidays Point PS 5 Julia Buckley Merit
Hallidays Point PS 5 Stella Voorby Merit
Hallidays Point PS 6 Telietha Daly Merit
Krambach PS 5 Bethany Keegan  Excellence
Krambach PS 6 Liam Hill  Excellence
Krambach PS 6 Maria Wilton  Excellence
Krambach PS 5 Jade Paff  H/Commended
Krambach PS 6 Jake Hunter  H/Commended
Krambach PS 5 Peter Campbell  H/Commended
Krambach PS 6 Elki Gray Commended
Krambach PS 5 Morgan Cooper Commended
Krambach PS 5 Cruiz Tierney Merit
Krambach PS 5 Jonas Durbin Merit
MCC 6 Lucas Gordon  Excellence
MCC 5 Mohamed Insaf Mundackamattathil Mohamed Iqbal  Excellence
MCC 6 Emma Hoang  H/Commended
MCC 5 Jemimah Smith  H/Commended
MCC 6 Katie Alley  H/Commended
MCC 6 Toby Fitzhardinge  H/Commended
MCC 6 Abbey Harrison Commended
MCC 6 Amos Smith Merit
MCC 6 Harry Wooldridge Merit
MCC 5 Nate Bell Merit
Old Bar PS 6 Amelia Williams  Excellence
Old Bar PS 5 Maya Eldred  Excellence
Old Bar PS 6 Summer Brookes  Excellence
Old Bar PS 6 Amali Henderson Merit
St Joseph’s Taree 6 Abbey Bennett  Excellence
St Joseph’s Taree 6 Aidan Ward  H/Commended
St Joseph’s Taree 6 Kale Obrien-Ping  H/Commended
St Joseph’s Taree 6 Ruby Marriott  H/Commended
St Joseph’s Taree 6 Zoe Baker Merit