2022 Writing Competition Results – Y3-4

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 57 entries, in the section Year 3-4.


All entrants receive Certificates and Feedbacks from Judges.

Students achieving “Commended” ranking or higher,  receive Trophies.

All entries listed in the following table are to be published in one of the two 2022 Tell Me a Story competition books.

Book 1:

School Award  Type Student’s Name Year at School Story Title Awards Event
Bungwahl PS Commended Charlotte Kessels 4 The Takeover Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Commended Cruz Pearson 4 The Fall Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Declan Gleeson 4 THE TUNNEL OF DINOSAURS Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Gypsy Schaad 3 Magic Pearl Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Lily Avard 3 Depths Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Amna Omar 4 The unexpected kidnap Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Marcus Kim 4 Eyes of Terror: The first blue maniac Tuncurry
Holy Name Merit Zia Singh 4 The Campsite Tuncurry
Nabiac PS _Excellence Claire Wilby 4 The Bracelet Tuncurry
Nabiac PS _Excellence Joey Hill 4 Bush Brothers Tuncurry
Nabiac PS _H/Commended Noah Spychala 3 The Prank Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Commended Kaleb Woolnough 3 The Lost Treasure Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Addison Jordan 3 The Sad Music Monster with New Friends Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Chloe Brady 3 The Llama Parade Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Emma Twemlow 3 The Magic Note Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Indiana Witt 3 The Magic Bottle Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Indie Barker 3 Candyland Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Levi Madrid 4 Revolutions Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Commended Coby Mason 4 The Mysterious Cat Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Commended Janaya Clarke 3 The Journey Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Commended Shay Underwood 3 The Goddess of Flower Land Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Merit Kaeli Gentle 4 The Lost Ship Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Merit Lhamo Dhondub 3 The Dalai Lama Tuncurry

Book 2:

School Award  Type Student’s Name Year at School Story Title Awards Event
Bobin PS Merit Max Eadndel 3 The Friends Taree
Hallidays Point PS  H/Commended Arielle Clair 4 Locked In Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Adam Pursch 4 The Ol’ Tin Can Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Amellia Webster 4 The Last Unidragon Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Elsie Maxwell 4 The Magical Woods Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Zara Crowther 4 Mary’s Lost Toy Taree
Hallidays Point PS Merit Anabelle Maligin 4 THE TORNADO Taree
Hallidays Point PS Merit Lilly Gorman 4 The Magic Woods Taree
Hallidays Point PS Merit Maximo Smith 4 Josh, The Little Farmer Taree
Krambach PS Commended Skye Anderson 3 The duckling who survived Taree
Krambach PS Commended Violet Trevail 3 The high five gone wrong Taree
Krambach PS Merit Cooper Soper 4 The Wild Horse At Krambach Taree
Krambach PS Merit Ollie Hill 4 The Bandits Of Krambach Taree
Krambach PS Merit Oskar Berry 4 The Hole Taree
Krambach PS Merit Rose Arnfield 4 My Bird Watching Adventure Taree
MCC Taree  H/Commended Samuel Seddon 4 !!!BEWARE: THE KRAKEN!!! Taree
MCC Taree Commended Lila Grace Davocol 4 Dandelion Danny Taree
MCC Taree Commended Phoebe Herzberg Nicholls 4 Korra the Courageous Sock Taree
MCC Taree Merit Isabelle Birkefeld 4 The school field trip Taree

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