2022 Writing Competition Results – Y5-6

Congratulations to all students who took part in this year’s Tell Me a Story writing competition!

This year, we received 93 entries, in the section Year 5-6 .


All entrants receive Certificates and Feedbacks from Judges.

Students achieving “Commended” ranking or higher,  receive Trophies.

All entries listed in the following table are to be published in one of the two 2022 Tell Me a Story competition books.

Book 1 :

School Award  type Student’s Name Year at school Story Title Awards Event
Bungwahl PS Commended Keanu Cowell 6 Pizza City Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Commended Jeremy Leahy 5 Monster Under the Bed Serial Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Commended Amarlie Brougham-Delaney 6 Looking For Her Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Commended Fletcher Toney 5 A Day at the Beach Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Reuben Da Silva 5 Me -The Amazing Pangolin Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Nate Adams 5 The Never-Ending Hike Tuncurry
Bungwahl PS Merit Yindi Copland 5 The Protectors Tuncurry
Forster PS  H/Commended Ruby East 6 The Flood by RE Tuncurry
Holy Name  Excellence Marley Donegan 5 Border Tuncurry
Holy Name  Excellence Myra Gupta 5 Lost In Starlight Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Ellara Collins 5 The Coma Catastrophe Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Colbie McCabe 5 Sucked in! Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Oscar Yeates 5 Survivor Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Annie Portelli 6 The Visitor by AP Tuncurry
Holy Name Commended Isabel Allport 6 The Runaway Tuncurry
Holy Name Merit Izzy Moore 6 The Girl who lived 10 times Tuncurry
Holy Name Merit Chelsea Price 6 Under the bed by CP Tuncurry
Nabiac PS  H/Commended Max Arandale 6 Firestorm Tuncurry
Nabiac PS  H/Commended Jack Day 6 Fires Rage Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Commended Aylah De’Tracy 5 The game Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Commended Fletcher Wilby 6 The great flood part 2 Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Paige Williams 6 Welcome the aliens Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Edward Voss-Sternhell 6 Jungle Survival Chose Your Own Adventure Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Madison Yarnold 5 Friendship is Strong Tuncurry
Nabiac PS Merit Matilda Buttel 6 The lucky horse Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS  H/Commended Max Underwood 5 Avarca vs the Barradocs Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS  H/Commended Bella Dawn 5 Dragons live once more Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS  H/Commended Jade Smith 6 Ryka (Ray-ka) The Wind Dragon Tuncurry
Tuncurry PS Commended Declan Grieve 5 Lost In Space Tuncurry

Book 2:

School Award  type Student’s Name Year at school Story Title Awards Event
Bobin PS  Excellence Tristan Berry 6 Heartbreaker Taree
Bobin PS  H/Commended Jack Sowter 6 The Colony Taree
Bobin PS  H/Commended Harry Goodlad 6 The Ghoulish Undead Taree
Bobin PS  H/Commended Quillan Joyier 6 The Spotlight Taree
Bobin PS Commended Gemma Dowling 6 The Missing Taree
Bobin PS Merit Arryn Roze 5 Jeff the Dork Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Pippa Nelson-Hauer 5 Fairy Floss Makes My Day Taree
Hallidays Point PS Commended Rosabel Smith 5 The Rocket Taree
Krambach PS Commended Elki Gray 6 One totally normal day at the beach Taree
Krambach PS Commended Jade Paff 5 Beware Of The Dog Taree
Krambach PS Merit Maria Rose Wilton 6 The secret life of the Wilton family Taree
Krambach PS Merit Jake Hunter 6 One Car To Another Taree
Krambach PS Merit Jonas Durbin 5 The Computerverse Taree
Krambach PS Merit Liam Hill 6 Need for speed Taree
Krambach PS Merit Morgan Cooper 5 A Zoo Break Out Taree
Krambach PS Merit Maison Drury 6 The tiny creatures under the house Taree
Krambach PS Merit Bethany Keegan 5 A Bullied Girl at School Taree
MCC Taree  Excellence Katie Alley 6 Mr Linden’s Library Taree
MCC Taree  H/Commended Hadley Kingsmill 6 High School Taree
MCC Taree  H/Commended Insaf Mohamed 5 The Chronicles of Renaldavich The Rooster Taree
MCC Taree Commended Matilda Seddon 6 What just happened? Taree
MCC Taree Merit Jemimah Smith 5 Flood Taree
MCC Taree Merit Ava Kalogeropoulos 5 Fire Taree
Old Bar PS  H/Commended Maya Eldred 5 The Nightmare Taree
Old Bar PS Commended Isabella Vowles 6 Following Tracks Taree
Old Bar PS Merit Amali Henderson 6 Turtle Cove Taree
Old Bar PS Merit Arabella Lewis 5 Mystery Foam Island Taree
Old Bar PS Merit Maggie Munro 6 Dreams Taree
Old Bar PS Merit Kamryn Naylor 6 Highschool fight Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Jatan Phirangi 6  A Whole New World Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Jacob Hogan 6 Hide and seek Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Aidan Ward 6 The Frostbite Gem Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Ruby Marriott 6 Choosing the right path Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Tye-Tye Clarke 6 THE GREAT MORNING Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Zoe Baker 6 Little Roo! Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Abbey Bennett 6 Mutant Taree
St Joseph’s Taree Commended Kale Obrien-Ping 6 Ben the bush man Taree

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