Conditions of Entry- Illustration

Students in Year 3 to Year 6 can enter this competition.

A student is asked to submit an illustration for one of the stories selected for this year’s illustration competition.

Selected stories for illustrating have been sent to schools. Alternatively, you can request for a list of stories from the organisers by writing to .

There are separate lists of stories for Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 illustrators.

Registration of Entries

For a student, to enter this competition, we need to receive a list of student(s) from school, or a parent/guardian, by email to:    in the format:

School;    Year at School;    Student’s Name;  

any time, on or before Friday, 7th June 2024.


The illustration should be designed as an illustration within the story.


Submitted entries must be the original work, not scanned or copied.

They must be either on A3 or A4 sized paper, either landscape or portrait format.

The artwork can be in any medium, in colour or black and white.  Soft mediums such as charcoal and pastel, must be ‘fixed’ with a spray fixative.  No entries which are still wet will be accepted.

The Deadline

By Friday, 7th  June, all Artworks should be received.

Delivery of Art Work

Please write at the back of an artwork:     

School;    Year at School;    Student’s Name;   Story Illustrated

Please deliver the entries, in a sealed envelope :

For Great Lakes region schools:

Tell Me a Story Illustration Competition

c/o  Tuncurry Post Office

84 Manning Street

For Manning and Gloucester region schools:

Tell Me a Story Illustration Competition

c/o Nadia’s Art Gallery and Gifts

215 Victoria Street, Taree

Multiple entries in one envelope, please.

Please write your School’s name on the envelope

Other Important Information

Entries must be student’s own work.

Before illustrating, a student needs to read the story they wish to illustrate, since a submitted illustration must reflect story’s content.

An artwork shouldn’t incorporate any identifying information about the student.

By entering this competition, student’s parent/guardian is agreeing for student’s work to be exhibited at the Awards Event and included in Tell Me a Story book.