Checklist to help students edit their story Years 5-6

To engage the readers/judges….

  • Have I used paragraphs to organise my ideas to interest the reader?
  • Have I checked my spelling?
  • Have I checked my use of punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, colon and semi-colons?
  • Have I learned how to punctuate conversation/dialogue? Or can I ask for help with this?
  • Have I checked to make sure the conversation/dialogue is necessary to enhance the story?
  • Have I observed a page of dialogue in a book I am reading that could help me punctuate conversation, noting how each character speaks on a new line?
  • Have I achieved a strong, convincing conclusion to my story? The final paragraph should leave the readers and judges satisfied.
  • Have I given enough thought to the title of my story? It should leave readers and judges thinking that the title is appropriate, adding value to my story. Also, they will think how creative and clever I have been.

Now that I have completed the checklist, I can send my entry to the Tell Me a Story competition.

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